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Tailormade Craft Service 


First Class Catering has, in the past, been contracted by various international production companies to provided full and all inclusive facilities to the hightest level.

We understand how important craft services are on a set and guarantee total commitment to the job for the required duration. Our catering trailer Chomping Charlie is small enough to get to most locations on island yet large enough to carry all equiptment needed for a completely inclusive service.

Full craft and also catering services undertaken on location in Jersey during production and up to wrap include :-


Looking after all the wonderful cast and crew of the Tribeca Award winning Irish/Jersey feature film The Crooked Mile


  • Campbell Ryan Productions

  • Green Eye Productions Ltd.

  • The Crooked Mile Ltd.


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Kreuzfahrt ins Glück

Das Traumschiff

  • Polyphon Film-und Fernsehgesellschaft


Das Traumschiff ("The Dream Ship") is a West German television series by ZDF.

Christmas edition 2012 spin off Kreuzfahrt in Gluck.








On location in Gorey with Heidi Keller and Jessica Boehrs, stars of Kreuzfahrt ins Gluck  (German Love Boat Series, Christmas Special, Cruise to Happiness Honeymoon in Jersey first aired on 26th December 2012)





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