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                                Chomping Charlies


Chomping Charlies was launched in March 2000, it was the first mobile catering unit in Jersey to serve 100% homemade beef burgers at outside events. The original quarter pounder patties, made from prime jersey beef, were hand pressed using a Lakeland Plastics burger press , still available for purchase today! 


Chomping Charlies made its inaugural appearance at The Jersey Race Clubs Easter Monday Meeting. With its freshness of the beef patties and varied selection of tasty toppings, demand rapidly grew and the unit was contracted out pretty much every weekend, during the summer, at various events around the island.


In 2013 Chomping Charlies was rebranded, out went the yellow and purple colour scheme, which although iconic was looking tired and garish and need of updating. The unit, now transformed, looks very smart, in classic royal blue with red and white sinage. 


Available  for private hire, the unit is fully kitted out and has been contracted for birthday parties, corporate events and school sports days.

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